Hi, I'm a mobile developer

for iPhone, iPad & Android smartphones. I use the Titanium Appcelerator framework to build complex cross platform applications and I'm an active member of the Appcelerator community. I run my own mobile app development agency called Rborn.


I've been in the web development business since... long time ago :) I started with HTML, CSS, Javascript / AJAX, PHP... not necessarily in this order.

Obsessed by mobile development since iPhone was released into the wild, I started to play with building various apps and slightly moved completely to the mobile world. I got hooked up by Appcelerator mainly because the syntax of objectiveC seemed really scarry for a lazy beginner like me... and since I like to write the minimal amount of code to reach my purposes, I feel Appcelerator really does the job.

I'm a Titanium Certified Application Developer (TCAD).

What I do

  • lots of Javascript
  • write about Titanium Appcelerator
  • mobile Webkit CSS3
  • award winning pet projects
  • mobile app consulting

I don't do

  • ASO / promote apps
  • objectiveC/Swift
  • games
  • Java
  • Flash, not even on iOs :)
  • work for free


  • Comnio - customer service

    Comnio - customer service app (in progress)

    Android readyiPhone ready

  • Teamwire - fast and secure enterprise messaging

    Teamwire - secure enterprise messaging (in collaboration)

    Android readyiPhone ready

  • AsturPlaya, the iPhone app discovering for you the beaches for Asturias

    AsturPlaya: award winning travel app

    iPhone ready

  • ArtistBox - the best music discovery app for iPhone

    ArtistBox - award winning music discovery app

    iPhone ready

  • Grouptime

    Grouptime - Private Social Network (removed)

    iPhone readyAndroid ready

  • TIWE

    TIWE - event management app (removed)

    Android readyiPhone ready

  • GCSE Science 'A' Revision Guide

    GCSE Science 'A' Revision Guide

    iPhone readyiPad ready Android ready

  • TRIP-SPEED (M) Aircraft Manager Version

    TRIP-SPEED - Aircraft Manager App (removed)

    iPhone ready

  • Clutch Wallet

    Clutch - shopping app (removed)

    iPhone ready

  • Trendn

    Trendn - online trends application

    iPhone ready

  • motorsport total

    Motorsport-Total.com (certain updates)

    iPhone readyAndroid ready

  • blasterous

    Blasterous, the social network app

    Android readyiPhone ready

  • Funny ABC

    Funny ABC - educational app

    iPhone readyAndroid ready

  • Andersen's Bedtime Stories

    Andersen's Bedtime Stories iPad ebook

    iPad ready

  • DMS 2010 Conference Application

    BIA/Kelsey DMS '10 Conference App (removed)

    Android readyiPhone ready

  • Fairy Tales by Brothers Grimm

    Fairy Tales by Brothers Grimm iPad ebook

    iPad ready


Let's meet

I currently live & work in Asturias, Spain but I can drink a coffee with you anywhere you would like to invite me :)

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My pet's name, my phone number and my mom's blog can be obtained upon request.